The Flag Premier

Pat Short’s latest comedy romp The Flag is being released in Irish cinemas on October 14th.

The Bionic Rats  will be at the Irish Premiere tonight October 12th thanks to two original tracks Brand New Geansai and Don’t Be Giving It All That being featured in the flick.

THE FLAG is the story of Harry Hambridge (Pat Short), a paddy living in London who discovers a letter from his Grandfather, claiming that it was he who raised the flag over the GPO during the 1916 Rising. The Flag now hangs upside-down in an army barracks in England so Harry sets out with a gang of misfits to recapture the flag.

THE FLAG is directed by Declan Recks and written by Eugene O’Brien who previously worked together on Pure Mule and Eden and has a great cast of Irish acting talent including Moe Dunford (Patrick’s Day, Vikings) Ruth Bradley (Rebellion, Love/Hate ) and Brian Gleeson (Rebellion, Tiger Raid ).

The Flag Premier

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